BalticFoods Supermarket    Shop specializes in the sale of products of Polish and Czech top quality  products that are most desirable and most frequently purchased by  Polish and Czech customers in the UK. The refrigerators will find a  large selection of sausages, hams, meat, curd, cheese, cheese  homogenized, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk  and croquettes and dumplings. On the  shelves of a range of dishes in jars,  starting with a cabbage  soup, tripe soup, stew,  tomato, through the  dinner dishes like stuffed  cabbage, baked beans,  meatballs, and ending with the sauces and  accessories. For those who drink shop recommends  Polish delicious juices, nectars, fruit drinks,  vegetables and alcoholic beverages, beer that is  invaluable. For this quick snacks: sticks, chips, crisps,  and a range of sweets: cakes, chocolate, chocolate  bars and candy ... Welcome Copyright © Baltic Foods Supermarket 2010 Baltic Foods Supermarket Southampton • Alcohol • Cigarettes • Cosmetics • Meals • Desserts, additives for cakes • Newspapers / Books • Dairy • Coffee & Tea • Drinks • Bread • Snacks • Meats • Jams / Honey • Vegetables • Spices & Seasonings • Sweets • Bulk Products • Articles for children • Frozen The largest assortment of Polish products Food in Southampton Possibility to pay by credit payment